Choose Your Favorite Period Emoji to Make It a Femoji

Period Emoji

What! Period!!
Have you got out of your mind?
Is there no shame left in you?
Male chauvinism has considerably been the most talked about topic these days and the three sentences above are the sheer examples of where the mentality is driving people.
Well, let me clear it out. This is not going to be an emotional torture with a social side showing how the ladies are continuously being suffered and crashed under the social structure.
But let me clear it out also why I have written about the male chauvinism at the first line itself (first extended line). Since everything is getting a breeze of feminism nowadays, the technology is no different. Though it was necessary and should have struck in the mind way earlier.
While ladies are not limited to the ovens and stoves anymore, they are making a remarkable stand to snatch their glory from the males who intend to run the system on their own.
I am talking about the period and the emoticons. This time technology is the new face of giving the women a fair chance of the equality.
Have you any idea that there are 6.5k languages are used all across the globe? It seems to be difficult for the God also to have a fluency in those languages or even remembering those.
Have you felt any hassle to recognize a picture painted by a Spanish painter or was there any problem in understanding the photograph snapped by someone from Paris? While it is impossible for you to understand the French or the Spanish language.
The same happens with the emoticons. Those little images have earned the popularity from the day of invention. From the angry faces to the loved ones, from the sad faces to the sick ones, from the buildings to the animals, everything got an entrance in the list of emoji.
Here comes the objection made by all the women from the different part of the world. Menstruation is an important thing and periods are the vital time for a lady and it can’t be ignored. It is a matter of astonishment how the inventors can forget one of the most important stages of a woman life while they are inputting even the yellow hearts!
Keeping this in mind, the girl rights group Plan International has recently launched a social media campaign on 28th May 2017 to include the period emoji in global emoji keyboard.

vote your favorite emoji

Yes, the needed is now in the market but wait, don’t go and update your keyboard and search for the emoji because it will take a nominal time to appear in the marketplace. The charity has launched the campaign where they have put 5 emoji of the period with the significance and you can vote your favorite emoji. The winning design will be submitted to the Unicode designs to be inserted in the global emoticons.
The images include a sanitary towel, a diagram of a uterus, a pair of period pants, a calendar and blood droplets.
To make the period one of the global languages, this campaign has already become favorite of the 800 million ladies from 15 to 49 years of age who are menstruating right now.
Go and vote your favorite emoji to get in on your keyboard!

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Language – An Identity Crisis


Yes, I belong from a suburb where your hopes, dreams, ambitions are supposed to be crushed between the examples of the achievers and failures. This is the place where you will be accustomed to the load-shedding, where neither you will get the uninterrupted electric supply like the towns nor you need to pass each day without electricity. Rather you will be forced to be habituated with comfort (or luxury) and right after the moment, that will be snatched. Here, you cannot be fashionable or simple, because the main characteristic of this place is you have to act like a mediocre.

If a girl wears hot-pant, they will complain how someone can be so shameless in such a ‘cultural country’! But be cautious, you cannot learn any lesson from here! Since if you go ahead and sport ‘Burkha’ or ‘Saree’, you’ll either be called unfashionable or you’ll be a victim of those animalistic humans (Yes, that’s called Rape these days!). Here you can marry a woman without even knowing her and can apply your masculinity and the woman will not get a single chance to oppose that. Here you just educate your girl-child to qualify her in the marriage marketplace. Though we say a lot about our advancement but always a little learning will be a dangerous thing.


I don’t want to talk about something which comes to the spotlight very often; rather, I would like to highlight a part which repeatedly goes out of the focus. Being a literature lover and a Bengali from the origin, I have grown up gulping Bengali books, but my love for English was also there. I have noticed, there are always some people who unnecessarily create some misunderstanding even in the simplest matter. They will smell something fishy even if you are going towards your bathroom in the morning!

One evening, I was busy in a conversation with my friend and that was happening in English. Usually, we try to speak in English for two reasons: 1) We like the language 2) those conversations help us to improve our English fluency in future. But let’s have a quick look at the comments of the “educated” ones – “Do you guys want us to know that you can speak English?”, “Hey, we can understand you can speak, now stop!”, “Yes, we cannot, now will you guys stop?”. Ultimately, they have criticized our choice of English over Bengali. Instead of getting the right point, they just yell and they will be yelling. Yes, the vice versa also happens. I have seen a group of people was making fun of an individual just because he didn’t know English much!

I have some questions:

  • Can’t we even speak in what we like?
  • If we prefer some other language over our mother tongue, how that can be disrespecting? We don’t even get a chance to choose our mother tongue!
  • Speaking in English is not always about flaunting. It’s “our choice” isn’t it?
  • If I don’t know English, how do I become illiterate?
  • Is English the benchmark of being smart?
  • Why can’t we just let the languages and people be like them? Anyone can choose anything. It is their life. Isn’t it?
  • Aren’t we capable of telling the suburb and the middle-class mentality that either let us stay in a hut, or in a 3BHK?

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বই – ব​ড়, ছোট, মাঝারি…


খোলা জানলা, দূরে একটা নারকেল গাছ মাথা দুলিয়ে কিছু বলে চলেছে; বাকি আম সুপুরি, ঝাউ, জবা, কৃষ্ণচূড়া গাছগুলো সায় দিচ্ছে, কখনো বা নিশ্চুপ অসম্মতি। ৯:২৩ এর স্বল্প জোরালো রোদটা ফাঁকতালে বিছানার উপর এসে শুয়ে, আমিও পাশে শুয়ে; সাথে এক বাটি মুড়ি-চানাচুর আর সামনে ইতস্তত একটা বই। বই-এর নাম কোনি। খাচ্ছি আর ডুব দিচ্ছি, আর আস্তে আস্তে নিয়ন্ত্রণ হারিয়ে ডুবে যাচ্ছি। হঠাৎ মায়ের ঠান্ডা হাতের ছোঁয়ায় পিঠ গরম। অগত্যা উঠে, পড়ার(পড়ুন পয়সা কামানোর) বই খুলে বসি।
হ্যাঁ, এরকম প্রায়শই ঘটতে থাকে আমাদের জীবনে, গল্পপ্রিয় মানুষের জীবনে। দুপুরে হঠাৎ ভাবনাটার প্রসব যন্ত্রণা শুরু- ছোট থেকে আমাদের কাছে বই-এর বিবর্তন কিভাবে? ব্যস, লেবার পেইন সহ্য করতে না পেরে ডেলিভারি দিচ্ছি।

১. গেঁড়ে বয়স(৩-৪ বছর):

বর্ণপরিচয়, কথামালা, একে চন্দ্র দুয়ে পক্ষ, অ-এ অজগর আসে তখন। এই বয়সের প্রধান নিয়ম- পড়া পরে, ছবি দেখা আগে। নতুন বই মানে তখন একটা সেনসেশন- মানে নতুন নতুন ছবি। প্রথমেই প্রতিটা ছবি মাথাস্থ করা, তারপর পড়া না হলে প্রতিটা আঘাত পিঠস্থ করা।

২. ফুলটিকিট বয়স(৭-১০):

এই সময় নিজেদের পড়ার ইচ্ছাটা বেড়ে যায়। সেকশনের প্রতিটা ছেলে-মেয়েকে নিজের পরম শত্রু আর মারপিট নালিশ-এর বন্যা বয়ে যায়। ছবি দেখা আর লেখা পড়ার অদ্ভুত সমতা এই বয়সে উৎপত্তি হয়। এ সময়ের প্রধান বইগত আকর্ষণ আবোল-তাবোল, হ-য-ব-র-ল। এ সময় নতুন করে যোগ বিয়োগের ধাঁধায় হারিয়ে যেতে গিয়েও মায়ের লাঠি ধরে ফিরে আসা যায়। ভূতের গল্প এই স্টেজের মাস্ট-রিড বলেও অনেকের মত। আর কমিক্স না হলে তো খাওয়া বন্ধ। সাথে গোপাল ভাঁড় কমপ্লিমেন্টারি…

৩. টিনের তলোয়ার(১৩-১৯):

এই সময়টায় প্রভূত পরিবর্তন লক্ষ্য করা যায়। কঠিন থেকে কঠিনের দিকে হুড়মুড়িয়ে দৌড়, বিজ্ঞান, গুন-ভাগ, নিউ হরাইজন, কুমোর পাড়ার গোরুর গাড়ি থেকে নেমে ট্রান্সলেশন, ভয়েস, ন্যারেশন উল্টে ফেলা, অঙ্কে পাটিগণিত, বীজগণিত, জ্যামিতির কঠিন ভ্রুকুটি, আর তার কিছুদিন পরে ইন্টিগ্রেশন, প্রোবাবিলিটি, এপি-জিপি-র লাইনে নাজেহাল অবস্থা, বিজ্ঞান আবার দু’দিকে চলে গিয়ে নিজেকে ফিজিক্স কেমিস্ট্রিতে ভাগ করে ফেলে। জীবনানন্দ, সুকান্ত, নজরুল, কঠিন রবিঠাকুর বেঁকিয়ে কথা বলেন, কোথা থেকে যেন চর্যাপদ নামের জঙ্গীহানা হয়ে যায়। এই সময়কাল থেকেই পড়ার বই থেকে অনেকে আস্থা হারান। এই সময় আনন্দমেলা,শীর্ষেন্দু, মতি নন্দী, সুনীল গঙ্গোপাধ্যায়-দের গিলে খাওয়ার প্রবণতা প্রধান। গুটিকয়েক ছেলে কবিতা পড়তে শুরু করে এখান থেকেই। আর লুকিয়ে নিষিদ্ধ বই তো ফাঁকা বাড়ির নিত্যসঙ্গী।

৪. চাকরি করতে হবে বয়স(২৩ঊর্ধ্ব):

এই সময় বইয়ের সাথে সম্পর্ক মোটামুটি টেটে-চাকরিতে। এই সময়ের হিড়িক- রিসনিং, ক্লাস ১০-এর অঙ্ক, অদ্ভুতুড়ে ইংরেজি গ্রামার, আর অশ্রাব্য জিকে। অর্থাৎ সরকারি চাকরি। বেশিরভাগ না পেয়ে ইন্টার্ভিউ রুমের গরম বাড়ান। আর যাঁরা পান, তাঁদের স্থান মহাকাশে। তবে যাঁরা উচ্চশিক্ষায় আগ্রহী তাঁদের দেখা যায় কোন ইউনিভারসিটিতে অঙ্ক, ইংরেজি, ফিজিক্স, কেমিস্ট্রি, বায়োলজি নিয়ে ঘষামাজা করতে। আবার অনেকে যন্ত্রপাতি খুলছেন, আর কেউ মানুষের দেহ কেটে ভিতরের যন্ত্রপাতি বের করছেন। কিছুসংখ্যক শখপূরণে ব্যস্ত। গান, নাটক, নাচ, আঁকা ইত্যাদি… এই পাক্ষিক মানুষ শেক্সপিয়ার, রবিঠাকুর, আগাথা, শঙখ ঘোষ, শ্রীজাত প্রভৃতি প্রভৃতি নিয়ে মেতে থাকেন। অন্য কোন দিকে তাকানোর সময় দেওয়া তাঁদের কাছে দুঃসাধ্য। বইয়ের প্রতিটা গন্ধ তারা শুষে নেন। হারিয়ে ফেলেন নিজেকে বইয়ের ভিতর। গল্প পড়াটা তাঁদের একটা তাগিদ হয়ে দাঁড়ায় তখন। আর অ্যাডাল্ট গল্প তখন উত্তেজনার স্থানে আর্টের চেয়ারে সিটদখল করে…

এভাবেই আমি দেখি গল্প পড়ার বিবর্তন। কারও ঠেস লাগলে কিছু করার নেই। নিজস্ব মতামত।

পুনশ্চ- বাঙালি বাচ্চাদের কথা উল্লিখিত।

Akshay Kumar – Ignored, Inspiration, Journey


Now it’s confirmed. If sources are right then we are not very far to see the man portraying the legend himself, the game changer of Hindi film music Late Gulshan Kumar. Starting his career from a soldier, he has seen endless up and downs and considered to be one of those actors who didn’t have any godfather, he earned his position and retained it. In the B-town, where dreams come true and dreams get shattered, he never looked back. Though he was only described as the single-screen hero who just knows to entertain the audience by non sense actions, he continued doing so.

Akshay Kumar as Raju – ‘Hera Pheri’

Then a turning point came to his life. That’s the ‘Hera-Pheri’ for him. He changed the way people used to take the comedians. A handsome hunk was delivering one liners, punchlines, cut-throat comic timings. He emerged himself as the comic hero. In the year oof 2007-’08, he was concerted from a hero to a superstar with the list of hits like ‘Bhulbhulaiya’, ‘Namaste Landan’, Singh is Kinng’ to name a few. But he again faced turndon when 8-10 of his films haven’t run well in the theatres. He was trying, trying his best. And as the ‘Agar kisi cheez ko shiddat…’ wala dialogue goes, he tasted the 1st 100cr of his life with a South-Indian remake ‘Rowdy Rathore’. But though the critics were slapping him hard with mouth, and he had slapped back with a special one – ‘Special 26’. The Neeraj Pandey venture was a classic and he proved he can do anything and everything that a director needs. Though that was proved way before with the villainous character in ‘Ajnabee’, a spoiled brat in ‘Waqt – A Race Against Time’, and a super villain in upcoming ‘Robot 2.0’.

Following that, a flow of movies were going where he didn’t leave a single spot for the critics to raise the volume. ‘OMG’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Baby’, ‘Airlift’, ‘Jolly llb 2’ and many more are the example of his acting skill, be that a god, a soldier, a spolied turned responsible businessman or a ‘wanna-be’ lawyer, he took those characters to the extent.


Now with the jaw-dropping projects in hand, such as ‘Padman’, ‘Crack’, ‘Gold’, ‘Robot 2.0’, he has been announced to add the music into his acting in Gulshan Kumar biopic ‘Moghul’. Where the people are obsessed with the Khans, he has earned the respect and individual place to earn the position where he is. From the earlier link-ups to rumored involvement in extra-marital affairs, he is a perfect family man now. While the B-town celebs dies to be in the spotlight, he shies away from it.

From thr nonsense comedy ‘Housefull’ to the classic ‘Khakee’, he has really shown, he doesn’t need to be awarded but he needs the reward. The applause, the remuneration of course to help the needy.

Yes, in the world of artificiality, he is the glimpse of reality, he is the example of up and down, he is the breath of simplicity. He is the ‘khiladi’ himself, the non-occasion opener, the example – Akshay Kumar.

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Say Goodbye to the Irritating Unskippable 30 Second Ads – YouTube


“What is sport to the cat is death to the rat” – the proverb has been proven right once again and this time in a much technological way. As per the report, the most well-liked and celebrated video browser ‘YouTube’ is planning to say “NO” to all those unskippable advertisements that usually appears at the beginning of a video. In the upcoming year (i.e. 2018) the most hated video advertisement format is supposed to meet the end by the interference of YouTube authority.

While the users can breathe a sigh of relief it has been the matter why the marketers and companies are tearing their hair from the head to get rid of the sudden disaster. The users intend to rush towards the free content they wanted to see fast and uninterruptedly and it becomes frustrating for them to stay 30 long seconds to get into the thing for which they actually logged in. Other than the marketing industry, you can hardly find any individual who would give you thumbs up for the 30 second unskippable advertisements.

Moreover, people are getting ‘trained’ to skip the ads as 76% of people are skipping the ads really as the statistics are showing. If you give them a skip button, automatically they’ll end up clicking that. Although YouTube is stating they haven’t forgotten about the marketers, the video marketing is before a big question mark. Reportedly, instead of the 30 second unskippable ad, there’ll be 20 second ads now. Furthermore, another unskippable ad introduced in the last April is continuing since those are much shorter (6 seconds).

Since the next year is not far away, you can either enjoy the time thinking about the hassle free video browsing or you can make a strategy put your contents in a new way.

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See Yourself on the Top Pages of Search Engines, Just Mind the Website Structure


SEO is nothing to be taken aback in the growing age of technology. Almost every business entrepreneur and individual slightly related to the computers and technology are competent with the everlasting technique of marketing. Keywords and keyword research are quite familiar with the Search Engine Optimization. Yes, those are the base of SEO but alongside the changing algorithm, some technical consideration need to be served, for instance website structure. This may create a barrier between you and your ranking goal. There are numerous prospects how the website structure makes a disturbance in Optimizing the website in the search engines. Given proper attention and knowing the correct procedures often fix the issues much easier than you have thought.
Have you mixed the website structure with website design? Then you are making a huge blunder. It’s nothing in a relation with the designing of the site. The internal links are far more significant than its physical appearance. Each of the individual pages has to be arranged in a manner which is easily accessible for the user and the Google Robot to crawl. Without having a logical base, the following SEO tricks will also make no sense.
Site Crawlability:
If the search engine robot meets a dead end in the website, the SEO for your website can be seriously harmed. Site crawlability is one of the most vital aspects in a website structure. Crawlability denotes the capability of search engine to crawl your website’s total text content from the sub-pages to the individual topics to understand what the website is all about. The crucial theory of Google robot is there should not be any dead end in a website. Embedding internal links may build the bridge between the pages and increase the crawlability of your website.
Internal Links:
Getting from one page to another without any trouble is the basic for the proper navigation. For the large websites, the challenge is making every page available by a few clicks (three clicks is the best as known from the usability expert).
Internal links are done by implanting the keywords in a particular content section and linking those keywords which will take to some other relevant piece of content.
User Experience:
User experience is getting immense importance by the Google’s algorithm at the moment. The users are going to be the potential buyer and they need to be pleased. The bounce rate, time spent on site and click-through rate is now indicating the quality and user friendliness of your website. If Google finds it good, your ranking will go higher and if it’s found bad, the vice versa will occur.
Duplicate content is a huge mistake for the website ranking. It is a known fact that the duplicate content may take your website to the destruction as Google will blacklist you for posting the duplicate content and the chances for your website will no longer available.
Simpler URL without the extraneous characters like &, $, #, %, or @ may make the job difficult for the Google Robot to crawl the URL while it is the most important to crawl this. Secondly, the URL length is another aspect for good SEO. The proper length will give the optimization a jump.
For the successful SEO strategy, the website structure is the initial thing you need to follow. Bearing the above mentioned points in mind can be able to take your website on the former pages of Google and other search engines.
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