Choose Your Favorite Period Emoji to Make It a Femoji

Period Emoji

What! Period!!
Have you got out of your mind?
Is there no shame left in you?
Male chauvinism has considerably been the most talked about topic these days and the three sentences above are the sheer examples of where the mentality is driving people.
Well, let me clear it out. This is not going to be an emotional torture with a social side showing how the ladies are continuously being suffered and crashed under the social structure.
But let me clear it out also why I have written about the male chauvinism at the first line itself (first extended line). Since everything is getting a breeze of feminism nowadays, the technology is no different. Though it was necessary and should have struck in the mind way earlier.
While ladies are not limited to the ovens and stoves anymore, they are making a remarkable stand to snatch their glory from the males who intend to run the system on their own.
I am talking about the period and the emoticons. This time technology is the new face of giving the women a fair chance of the equality.
Have you any idea that there are 6.5k languages are used all across the globe? It seems to be difficult for the God also to have a fluency in those languages or even remembering those.
Have you felt any hassle to recognize a picture painted by a Spanish painter or was there any problem in understanding the photograph snapped by someone from Paris? While it is impossible for you to understand the French or the Spanish language.
The same happens with the emoticons. Those little images have earned the popularity from the day of invention. From the angry faces to the loved ones, from the sad faces to the sick ones, from the buildings to the animals, everything got an entrance in the list of emoji.
Here comes the objection made by all the women from the different part of the world. Menstruation is an important thing and periods are the vital time for a lady and it can’t be ignored. It is a matter of astonishment how the inventors can forget one of the most important stages of a woman life while they are inputting even the yellow hearts!
Keeping this in mind, the girl rights group Plan International has recently launched a social media campaign on 28th May 2017 to include the period emoji in global emoji keyboard.

vote your favorite emoji

Yes, the needed is now in the market but wait, don’t go and update your keyboard and search for the emoji because it will take a nominal time to appear in the marketplace. The charity has launched the campaign where they have put 5 emoji of the period with the significance and you can vote your favorite emoji. The winning design will be submitted to the Unicode designs to be inserted in the global emoticons.
The images include a sanitary towel, a diagram of a uterus, a pair of period pants, a calendar and blood droplets.
To make the period one of the global languages, this campaign has already become favorite of the 800 million ladies from 15 to 49 years of age who are menstruating right now.
Go and vote your favorite emoji to get in on your keyboard!

This is Abhirup Ghosh. If you want some more content, for your business or personal aspect, feel free to contact me. I can try to bring your thoughts into words.


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