Akshay Kumar – Ignored, Inspiration, Journey


Now it’s confirmed. If sources are right then we are not very far to see the man portraying the legend himself, the game changer of Hindi film music Late Gulshan Kumar. Starting his career from a soldier, he has seen endless up and downs and considered to be one of those actors who didn’t have any godfather, he earned his position and retained it. In the B-town, where dreams come true and dreams get shattered, he never looked back. Though he was only described as the single-screen hero who just knows to entertain the audience by non sense actions, he continued doing so.

Akshay Kumar as Raju – ‘Hera Pheri’

Then a turning point came to his life. That’s the ‘Hera-Pheri’ for him. He changed the way people used to take the comedians. A handsome hunk was delivering one liners, punchlines, cut-throat comic timings. He emerged himself as the comic hero. In the year oof 2007-’08, he was concerted from a hero to a superstar with the list of hits like ‘Bhulbhulaiya’, ‘Namaste Landan’, Singh is Kinng’ to name a few. But he again faced turndon when 8-10 of his films haven’t run well in the theatres. He was trying, trying his best. And as the ‘Agar kisi cheez ko shiddat…’ wala dialogue goes, he tasted the 1st 100cr of his life with a South-Indian remake ‘Rowdy Rathore’. But though the critics were slapping him hard with mouth, and he had slapped back with a special one – ‘Special 26’. The Neeraj Pandey venture was a classic and he proved he can do anything and everything that a director needs. Though that was proved way before with the villainous character in ‘Ajnabee’, a spoiled brat in ‘Waqt – A Race Against Time’, and a super villain in upcoming ‘Robot 2.0’.

Following that, a flow of movies were going where he didn’t leave a single spot for the critics to raise the volume. ‘OMG’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Baby’, ‘Airlift’, ‘Jolly llb 2’ and many more are the example of his acting skill, be that a god, a soldier, a spolied turned responsible businessman or a ‘wanna-be’ lawyer, he took those characters to the extent.


Now with the jaw-dropping projects in hand, such as ‘Padman’, ‘Crack’, ‘Gold’, ‘Robot 2.0’, he has been announced to add the music into his acting in Gulshan Kumar biopic ‘Moghul’. Where the people are obsessed with the Khans, he has earned the respect and individual place to earn the position where he is. From the earlier link-ups to rumored involvement in extra-marital affairs, he is a perfect family man now. While the B-town celebs dies to be in the spotlight, he shies away from it.

From thr nonsense comedy ‘Housefull’ to the classic ‘Khakee’, he has really shown, he doesn’t need to be awarded but he needs the reward. The applause, the remuneration of course to help the needy.

Yes, in the world of artificiality, he is the glimpse of reality, he is the example of up and down, he is the breath of simplicity. He is the ‘khiladi’ himself, the non-occasion opener, the example – Akshay Kumar.

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