Say Goodbye to the Irritating Unskippable 30 Second Ads – YouTube


“What is sport to the cat is death to the rat” – the proverb has been proven right once again and this time in a much technological way. As per the report, the most well-liked and celebrated video browser ‘YouTube’ is planning to say “NO” to all those unskippable advertisements that usually appears at the beginning of a video. In the upcoming year (i.e. 2018) the most hated video advertisement format is supposed to meet the end by the interference of YouTube authority.

While the users can breathe a sigh of relief it has been the matter why the marketers and companies are tearing their hair from the head to get rid of the sudden disaster. The users intend to rush towards the free content they wanted to see fast and uninterruptedly and it becomes frustrating for them to stay 30 long seconds to get into the thing for which they actually logged in. Other than the marketing industry, you can hardly find any individual who would give you thumbs up for the 30 second unskippable advertisements.

Moreover, people are getting ‘trained’ to skip the ads as 76% of people are skipping the ads really as the statistics are showing. If you give them a skip button, automatically they’ll end up clicking that. Although YouTube is stating they haven’t forgotten about the marketers, the video marketing is before a big question mark. Reportedly, instead of the 30 second unskippable ad, there’ll be 20 second ads now. Furthermore, another unskippable ad introduced in the last April is continuing since those are much shorter (6 seconds).

Since the next year is not far away, you can either enjoy the time thinking about the hassle free video browsing or you can make a strategy put your contents in a new way.

This is Abhirup Ghosh, a content writer, competent with all sorts of content marketing including video contents for numerous websites. Feel free to get in touch.


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