See Yourself on the Top Pages of Search Engines, Just Mind the Website Structure


SEO is nothing to be taken aback in the growing age of technology. Almost every business entrepreneur and individual slightly related to the computers and technology are competent with the everlasting technique of marketing. Keywords and keyword research are quite familiar with the Search Engine Optimization. Yes, those are the base of SEO but alongside the changing algorithm, some technical consideration need to be served, for instance website structure. This may create a barrier between you and your ranking goal. There are numerous prospects how the website structure makes a disturbance in Optimizing the website in the search engines. Given proper attention and knowing the correct procedures often fix the issues much easier than you have thought.
Have you mixed the website structure with website design? Then you are making a huge blunder. It’s nothing in a relation with the designing of the site. The internal links are far more significant than its physical appearance. Each of the individual pages has to be arranged in a manner which is easily accessible for the user and the Google Robot to crawl. Without having a logical base, the following SEO tricks will also make no sense.
Site Crawlability:
If the search engine robot meets a dead end in the website, the SEO for your website can be seriously harmed. Site crawlability is one of the most vital aspects in a website structure. Crawlability denotes the capability of search engine to crawl your website’s total text content from the sub-pages to the individual topics to understand what the website is all about. The crucial theory of Google robot is there should not be any dead end in a website. Embedding internal links may build the bridge between the pages and increase the crawlability of your website.
Internal Links:
Getting from one page to another without any trouble is the basic for the proper navigation. For the large websites, the challenge is making every page available by a few clicks (three clicks is the best as known from the usability expert).
Internal links are done by implanting the keywords in a particular content section and linking those keywords which will take to some other relevant piece of content.
User Experience:
User experience is getting immense importance by the Google’s algorithm at the moment. The users are going to be the potential buyer and they need to be pleased. The bounce rate, time spent on site and click-through rate is now indicating the quality and user friendliness of your website. If Google finds it good, your ranking will go higher and if it’s found bad, the vice versa will occur.
Duplicate content is a huge mistake for the website ranking. It is a known fact that the duplicate content may take your website to the destruction as Google will blacklist you for posting the duplicate content and the chances for your website will no longer available.
Simpler URL without the extraneous characters like &, $, #, %, or @ may make the job difficult for the Google Robot to crawl the URL while it is the most important to crawl this. Secondly, the URL length is another aspect for good SEO. The proper length will give the optimization a jump.
For the successful SEO strategy, the website structure is the initial thing you need to follow. Bearing the above mentioned points in mind can be able to take your website on the former pages of Google and other search engines.
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